Business Loans

When you're ready to start or grow your business, purchase new equipment, or just need some extra cash to get through the lean times, we can help with a wide variety of financing options. We understand the seasonality of Maine businesses and can work with you to arrange a payment schedule to match your funding needs. 

As a Bar Harbor Bank & Trust business banking customer, you'll enjoy dedicated Customer Relationship Managers who work on your schedule where you do business and provide quick response time. We offer in-depth expertise on virtually every small business financing program available to Maine businesses, including FAME, SBA, EMDC, USDA Rural Development and other economic development agencies. 

Commercial Mortgages

Whether it's a building or land you want to purchase for your business, we offer a variety of loan options. Or perhaps you're buying a business and need financing to make it happen. These are all long-term financing decisions and we can help with a long-term mortgage amortized over 10 - 20 years. Ask about our competitive rates and flexible payment options. 

Business Lines of Credit

How can you handle seasonal cash flow needs, meet unexpected challenges or take advantage of timely opportunities? Easy. Secure a business line of credit from Bar Harbor Bank & Trust and you can draw funds from your business account up to a predetermined limit. 

Commercial Boat Loans

Build, buy, or refinance a new or used commercial boat with our competitive-rate commercial boat loans. Maine is home to some of the finest boatbuilders in the world. Why not take advantage of that local talent and get the watercraft you've always dreamed of? Ask about our boat financing specialists who can offer quick turnaround and industry expertise for your boat loan. 

Construction Loans

When you need to build a new facility, renovate, or add onto an existing building, we offer flexible construction loans to help you take your business to the next level of success. We can provide short-term construction financing and later convert to a long-term mortgage once you're ready to move in. 

Inventory Loans

When it's time to stock up, we can help with an inventory loan. Depending upon how quickly your supply turns, we can arrange flexible options to meet the specific timing needs of your business. 

Equipment Loans

The right equipment can help you operate more efficiently, increasing your competitiveness and profitability. When it's time to replace, upgrade, or add equipment, ask about our equipment loan programs. We can provide funding for office equipment and furniture, company work vehicles, and a variety of other items you need to do business. We'll work with you to help select the repayment term that makes the most sense. 

Letters of Credit

When a vendor with whom you have limited experience requires a guarantee of payment, Bar Harbor Bank & Trust can issue a bank-backed letter of credit to keep the deal moving forward in a timely manner.