Fraud Protection

Is your card lost or stolen? Please call ASAP!

Credit Cards:
Consumer: 1-800-558-3424
Business: 1-866-552-8855
ATM/Debit Cards:
1-888-853-7100 during business hours
1-800-264-5578 after hours 
1-412-552-2698 after hours (calling from outside the US)

Fraud Protection Tips

Please review your account(s) on a regular basis for any unauthorized transactions. You can do this by viewing your monthly statements, or reviewing your transactions through online banking or mobile banking. 

If you identify any fraudulent transactions on your account, please remember: 

  • Contact the bank immediately– this will proactively prevent any further fraud from occurring. You will limit your liability for any fraudulent charges that have already posted to your account as well as prevent any future fraudulent activity.*

For unauthorized debit card charges:

  • Contact the bank immediately. Your card will be closed and you can get a new card instantly at your local branch during regular business hours. Branch Hours and Locations
  • Bar Harbor Bank &Trust offers a full dispute resolution service that can be reached by phone at 1-866-987-1457 (USA and Canada) or 1-972-677-5852 (if calling from outside the USA or Canada), Monday through Friday, from 8:00 am EST to 8:00 pm EST. Contacting this service center will initiate provisional credit to your account after the transaction posts to your account.

Bar Harbor Bank & Trust and our external partners monitor for unusual card activity on behalf of our customers. If we detect suspicious or out of pattern activity, we will make every effort to contact you and verify the activity; if we can’t reach you, a temporary block may be placed on your card for your protection.

Bar Harbor Bank & Trust will never contact you via email or text to ask for account numbers, card numbers, passwords or PINs. Please do not reply to any emails or texts that ask you to confirm account details or personal information. If in doubt, please contact the Bank immediately by calling 1-888-853-7100. 

*-If your card is stolen or lost and you notify the bank within two business days after discovering it is missing, under federal law your liability will be limited to $50. If you fail to notify us within two business days, your liability could be up to $500 for fraudulent charges resulting from a stolen or lost card. Fraudulent activity that does not involve a lost or stolen card must be reported within 60 calendar days of receipt of your statement that shows the fraudulent activity. Please consult your Debit Card Agreement for further information.

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